Penang Trip

I remember, it was on the 18th of October 2008. How can I not forget, it was on that day that I am facing my final written examination as a Multimedia University (MMU) student. CCG1010: Ghazal, 2.30pm-4.30pm. The plan was, immediately after I finished my exam, I will drive all the way up north, to Penang, alone by myself. :( I will then meet up with my dad who had gone there earlier with his group of friends on a bus. His reason was..

19-21 OCT 2008

My reason was.. just to accompany him, he he. :) Actually my dad was busy through out that whole period, day and night. He invited me to join him so that I can go check out what's new in Penang, or perhaps if I wanted to meet up with my ex-schoolmates in Sungai Petani, Kedah. Interesting idea! \:D/

Penang view from Equatorial Hotel :)

Beautiful isn't it? ;) Btw, if you look closely in that picture, you can see the famous Penang bridge. He he..

Penang was all about the same I guess. The only difference was, Queensbay Mall. Yup, the mall that everyone was talking about..

The main entrance of Queensbay Mall :D

So I went there, and my impression was.. "OK LAA KOT". Quite huge, many branded outlets, variety of foods, etc. Basically the mall is similar to every other malls in Malaysia. BUT WAIT !! There is a difference! They have their own...

Queensbay Crown :| he he..

Apart from that, the thing that remains the same in Penang was the 'Mee Udang in Sungai Dua'. Delicious as ever before. Used to be my family's favourite meal. Me and my dad revisited the place, we each took four 'Udang Galah' and ordered the 'mee kuah' to be cook 'untuk 4 orang makan', even though there's just the two of us, he he. :| Talk about a hungry stomach on a rainy day, "nyum nyum". Ouh, we also tried the 'Kayu Nasi Kandar' set near Bukit Jambul, that one was also superb. :D

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