Award? Bye 08 Hye 09`

Before this, it took me a while to figure out how 'TAG' works. Suddenly, I received an 'AWARD' from Azri Azyan a.k.a Si Gadis. However, this time I couldn't solve the mystery behind it. (The How-To-Receive-An-Award-Question). A kind advice from any bloggers out there would help. Tengs :D

Anyways, on the last night of 2008 that day, my family decided to go out and join the new year's celebration party at KLCC. At first we thought that the road-to-get-there will be busy, but we were left wondering when it was clear all the way to KLCC. There was no traffic jamm at all even at 10 pm, as if there was no celebration going on. :|

Once we're there, the first thing we did was to find dinner! All the floors in KLCC were closed due to safety reasons I guess, except for the LG floor. Therefore, we were left with only few options to dine, but in the end we chose...

KFC over Burger King, hu hu :D

So we're all pumped up, fully charged and ready to join the outdoor crowds. We had to follow a special route in order to get out of KLCC.

Macam semot la pulok jalan beramai-ramai mengikut laluan yang ditetapkan :D

There were too many people to be exact. From Malaysians to non-Malaysians, it was like 'people-sandwich'. But the view was very nice! ;)

Semua insan sedang mengeluarkan 'memori 2008' daripada fikiran mereka. :D

And so, the countdown begins.

Penat je standby konon nak tangkap gambar 12:00 kat Menara Maxis ni. Sekali countdown 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. pukol 12 tepat, serentak fireworks pon keluar jugak. Teros aku pusing belakang dan snap pix2 ini...

...sehinggakan aku tak sedar yang aku termiss '12:00' kat menara tu. :( Well, what to do. There's always next year right? ;) We spent the remaining hours of that night taking some more pictures...

...before we finally head back home. Not to forget, its 1st of Jan 09 already. We have to wear rear seat belts! Damn. >:(


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End of Year Weddings I

- Been busy lately. :( I had to attend four weddings during this 'end of year' school holidays that I didn't have any spare time to update my blog. I will just let the pictures do the talking for me for the next few entries. So enjoy peeps! :)

Some pictures from Hafiz Hassan & Nurul Ain's wedding on 23rd November 2008

From left: As, Shila, Najib, Unknown :|

Group Photo :D

From left: Sapit, Mie, Me & Sogo :|

Hafiz's family in RED :)

Ex-housemates: Sapit, Sabri, Hafiz, Sarat & Me :D

More to come in Part II, Part III and so on.. Cheers ~

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The Born of 580EX II

- Some of you might ask, what is 580EX II? Well, it is one of the most important piece of equipment in a camera kit. The 580EX II is Canon's "top-of-the-line" professional grade external flash. I already owned the smaller version of 430EX II flash, but the power seems insufficient for most of my shots. :(

Canon 580EX II :D

What happened was, my sister & I went to Times Square to meet up with this "Evogenix" guy, which i knew from the Lowyat forum on the internet. He was interested to buy my 430EX II, and I had to let it go so that I can immediately fund for a new 580EX II. So we met him at Kenny Rogers located at 3rd floor of Times Square. The deal went well and both parties were satisfied. :)

After completing the transaction, my sister & I went to Bukit Bintang Plaza towards FOTOEDAR where I bought the Canon 40D kit with my dad before. I got my new 580EX II not long after negotiating with Aunty Fotoedar, he he. :D A new addition to my camera kit, yeay!

My first test subject : Thanks Uda! :D

Guess what, I got my new toy, and at the same time there was this event in Sungei Wang Plaza. A GUNDAM competition. Coincidence? I think not, ha ha. >:) Its time to test out my newly-improved gears.

My brother knew about this event all along. He's a total GUNDAM FREAK!! :p I bet he would have loved to be there at that moment, but too bad he was busy with his work in Kerteh. Pity for you bro, just enjoy the pictures! Ha ha. ;)

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House Hopping

- Firstly, my mom, my sister and I went to Aunty Aziah's crib at Subang Jaya. The occasion? It was her daughter's engagement day (
pertunangan). As usual, I got nothing to do except to enjoy the meal provided. :| Mom was busy with her friends. Good thing Mas was around, she had done most of the picture snapping for me. :D

From left: Mas, Afzan, Khalisa, Aisyah :)

The 'hantaran's :)

"Best Friends". From left; Mom, Aunty Aziah & Aunty Izan :)

Aunty Aziah & her daughter :)

Photographer of the day. "Thanks Uda!" :D

After that, we went to Uncle Jed's house at Shah Alam. The occasion? Just visiting, he he. So happen it was her youngest daughter's birthday. Celebration + Cake, a perfect combo! :D

The Cake. (Aida = 7 years old)

The Celebration. From left; Aida, Aisya, Aunty Som, Anuar

The three of us stayed there until midnight before we finally head back home to Cheras. :)

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Pernikahan Hafiz Part II

Everyone was supposed to go to Masjid Kampung Lindungan near Old Klang Road to meet the bride at 10am. Tapi biasa lah kan 'jam melayu', dalam 10.30 camtu baru nak gerak, he he. Hafiz slowly took his time, of course to make sure he looks perfect and well prepared through out the pernikahan ceremony, while all of us were busy eating nasi lemak for breakfast. :| Come 10.30am, its time to leave Hafiz's house..

Encik Bahagia :D

Geng pembawa hantaran :|

Convoy lah sangat dalam kL ni. :p The traffic lights + traffic jamm separated everyone (there were about 10++ convoy cars in total). Luckily we were provided a map which guided us to the intended location. As we arrived, we quickly went into the mosque and not long after, the pernikahan ceremony began at 11.15am sharp.

Hafiz had a few stumbles during the process, but eventually he made it through. :)

The Supporters :D

Hafiz Hassan! I'm happy that finally both you and Ain are legally tied to each other. Remember that a successful marriage depends on TWO things; i) Finding the right person and ii) Being the right person. Good luck with your new life! :)

"When you have nothing left but love,
then for the first time you become aware that love is enough"

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