Guane Ganu ?

Early of November, it was my first weekend after going through 3 tiring days of internship. Christopher Edgar (sahabs) called me on the phone, to confirm on our so called trip to Kuala Terengganu (KT). JOINING MEMBERS : Myself, Christ, Sogo, Abu, Sabri and Ain. PURPOSE OF VISIT : Mencari hidangan sotong National Geographic yang digembar-gemburkan. >:) He he..

So we took off from Cheras at 8.30pm roughly. Sogo was riding with me, while the rest was with Sabri. Because of unnecessary circumstances, we did not convoy even though we're going in two separate cars. We decided to meet up straight in KT.

We reached the destination at about 2am in the morning. However, everything messed up. WHY? Because all of the hotels in KT are fully booked. WHY? In conjunction with the "FEI World Endurance Championship 2008 in Terengganu". >:(

After a long night of calling and searching for a place to stay, finally we did found one hotel. RM50 for one night, cheap but seriously, the place suck so bad! Imagine many rooms but every guest has to share one same toilet. THE HORROR!! No wonder it was the only hotel that still had available rooms. I'd rather not talk and describe that experience right here, sorry.. :|

The next day, the first thing we did in the morning was to move out from that creepy hotel and find a new place to stay. Thank God, there was a decent beach resort. That settles one problem. Come afternoon, misi mencari SOTONG bermula..

So Ismahadi (Boh), our campusmate, pure KT-born fella, came along. He guided us to this place where sotong & ikan kembung (tepung) dijual seperti pisang goreng. Orang berebut-rebut kot nak sotong legend tu. Serius sedap! Tak percaya? Tengok muka Sogo penuh semangat menikmatinya.. :|

Ha ha!

The meal on our table :D

The rest of the days? We searched for food some more and went to Pasar Payang a.k.a Central Market of Kuala Terengganu.

Picture time :D

Shopping time :D

Finally, Sunday 2nd of November, the day we had to leave KT. Our final pit-stop, Warong Keropok Lekor 007.

James Bond? He he :D

On the way back from KT to KL, I met up with my brother at McD in Kerteh. We talked for about 30 minutes, after that I continued my journey back home. Byebye KT! :(

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Kittens Photoshoot

27/10/08 - At this point, I am still enjoying my 'end-of-trimester' break. Few days to go before I begin my INDUSTRIAL TRAINING program, the final task before I finally complete my whole degree. :(

So I'm sitting all alone, wondering what to do. There's a camera next beside me, and the cats were playing all over the house. Well, you know what that means. >:) he he..

First up, Momo Womo.. :D

The Big Bro

My sister calls him the 'Naughty LadyLook' cat :|

Then next in line we have, Tazer Tazer.. :D


Ensem banget ^_^

4 kittens in total, but the 3rd kitten, the only female, Kus Wus, she got lost when I was away in Penang :( The youngest bro, Doctor Tunde, lets just say he wasn't there during the photoshoot.

When they were little.. :'(

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High School Juniors

20/10/08 - I'm still in Penang, and I'm bored. So what can I do? Well, I decided to visit Sungai Petani and meet up with these two kids...

Who are they? :D

Introducing, my two favorite juniors way back from Ibrahim High School. Names: Amir on the left, Diana on the right. Status: In a Relationship :) They're both 2 years younger than me, which makes them the 1987 badge. So uncool, ha ha.. >:p

We had a little chit chat, sambil makan/minum petang di 'Hussein Nasi Kandar'. So many catching up to do, so little time.. :(

Amir & Diana + PHF9133 (Diana's) :D

Here's what I have to say about Amir...

and here's what I have to say to Diana...

He he :D

All the best to both of you !!

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Penang Trip

I remember, it was on the 18th of October 2008. How can I not forget, it was on that day that I am facing my final written examination as a Multimedia University (MMU) student. CCG1010: Ghazal, 2.30pm-4.30pm. The plan was, immediately after I finished my exam, I will drive all the way up north, to Penang, alone by myself. :( I will then meet up with my dad who had gone there earlier with his group of friends on a bus. His reason was..

19-21 OCT 2008

My reason was.. just to accompany him, he he. :) Actually my dad was busy through out that whole period, day and night. He invited me to join him so that I can go check out what's new in Penang, or perhaps if I wanted to meet up with my ex-schoolmates in Sungai Petani, Kedah. Interesting idea! \:D/

Penang view from Equatorial Hotel :)

Beautiful isn't it? ;) Btw, if you look closely in that picture, you can see the famous Penang bridge. He he..

Penang was all about the same I guess. The only difference was, Queensbay Mall. Yup, the mall that everyone was talking about..

The main entrance of Queensbay Mall :D

So I went there, and my impression was.. "OK LAA KOT". Quite huge, many branded outlets, variety of foods, etc. Basically the mall is similar to every other malls in Malaysia. BUT WAIT !! There is a difference! They have their own...

Queensbay Crown :| he he..

Apart from that, the thing that remains the same in Penang was the 'Mee Udang in Sungai Dua'. Delicious as ever before. Used to be my family's favourite meal. Me and my dad revisited the place, we each took four 'Udang Galah' and ordered the 'mee kuah' to be cook 'untuk 4 orang makan', even though there's just the two of us, he he. :| Talk about a hungry stomach on a rainy day, "nyum nyum". Ouh, we also tried the 'Kayu Nasi Kandar' set near Bukit Jambul, that one was also superb. :D

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RAYA 2008

Here's the deal. Aidilfitri this year was somehow meaningful to me. I don't know why, the excitement was just there during that time. Maybe because I'm really looking forward to celebrate it? Maybe because knowing that the only thing that is blocking my way from graduating is the two exams that I have left after the raya break? Or maybe because I'm enjoying my final moments of receiving 'ang pow'? Ha ha..

Whatever the reason is, I guess next year I will have to start giving away 'ang pow' to some of my cousins. :( The little ones I suppose. By right, cousins don't have to give it to their cousins, but what the heck, 'sedekah' a bit laa. He he..

Raya 2008 family portrait + my grandma :D

Usually on the 1st day of hari raya, each family will have their own theme for 'baju melayu' and 'baju kurung' right? For instance, if they chose RED as their theme, then every family members will have to wear red dresses on that day. As you can see in the picture above, for the past two or three years up until now, my family have set the 'rojak' colour as our default theme. A bit messy, but we made the picture look colourful. :) Hu hu..

The O-shape family portrait :D

The complete guide of my family members, clockwise starting from left: 9 o'clock: Azhana Mariah Ismail (4th) 11 o'clock: Azhani Masturah Ismail (3rd) 2 o'clock: Ismail Abdul Rahman (dad) 4 o'clock: Khalidah Arshad (mom) 5 o'clock: Ahmad Khalis Ismail (1st) 7 o'clock: Ahmad Zulhusni Ismail @ RUI (2nd) :)

The location of my 'kampung'; Ayer Baloi, Pontian, Johor. The proud hometown for my mom and dad. FYI, their houses is just around 300 metres apart. My siblings and I can consider ourselves lucky we don't have to travel to two different-state 'kampung's every time Aidilfitri comes along. :| Ho ho..

All together now (my dad's side) :D

Its been a while since we last took the BIG family picture as above. It was nice, but too bad I'm not in it :'( well, someone had to snap the camera right. Hi hi..

There's this girl, she goes by the name of... hmm? I don't know her real name actually, sorry! ;) but we all call her GeGe.. She's a friend of my sister, Masturah. Well, Mas invited her to join us 'beraya di kampung' since she's not going back to her hometown in Indonesia. Well, according to GeGe, the experience of celebrating raya in our kampung was the best! Thanx GeGe, we enjoyed having you around also.. :D

Mas in purple & GeGe in red

"Kampung oh kampung".. The food was great. The fruits were delicious. The knowledge gained to 'anyam ketupat' was fun. ;) Everyone was happy, and I am satisfied. That is all that matters. You wanna know how happy the kids are? Then see this..

It was fun taking pictures of these kids, even though I don't quite like them >:D

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